The United States Food and Drug Administration is tasked with ensuring the efficacy and safety of medications marketed in the United States. One of their primary responsibilities is to approve the entry of new drugs into the marketplace, based on the drug’s perceived benefit–risk relationship. The Anesthetic and Analgesic Drug Product Advisory Committee is composed of experts in anesthesiology, pain management, and biostatistics, as well as consumer and industry representatives, who meet several times annually to review new anesthetic-related drugs, those seeking new indications, and nearly every opioid-related application for approval. The following report describes noteworthy activities of this committee since 2017, as it has grappled, along with the Food and Drug Administration, to balance the benefit–risk relationships for individual patients along with the overarching public health implications of bringing additional opioids to market. All anesthesia advisory committee meetings since 2017 will be described, and six will be highlighted, each with representative considerations for potential new opioid formulations or local anesthetics.

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