The textbook titled Managing Long COVID Syndrome is an educational and tractable reference for not only medical providers, but also the general public. This is one of the first texts dedicated to long COVID syndrome and is an important publication for readers in search of a deeper understanding of long COVID syndrome, which has stricken so many throughout the world.

Impressively, this 52-chapter, 310-page book was written by a single author, Dr. Thanthullu Vasu, who practices management of long-term conditions and pain management in the United Kingdom. Much merit should be given to any single-author textbook, such as Managing Long COVID Syndrome. The advantages include a decrease in repetition of material, a uniform cadence of information that is meted out, and maintenance of stylistic conformity.

Due to the relative novelty of long COVID syndrome, the author humbly asks for readers to send comments in order to improve future iterations...

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