In the article beginning on page 1111 in the December 2018 issue, readers are directed in Supplemental Digital Content 5 ( to see the CranioScore formula and examples of the CranioScore value calculation for two simulated patients. However, both the formula and the examples table contained errors.

The original formula was incorrect and incomplete. It has been corrected to specify the if/else criteria for each dichotomous variable and the units for each parameter and to include the formula for converting the CranioScore model result into the CranioScore value. The complete, corrected formula appears below.

CranioScore model (CS) = -4.8094 + (1.5149 * [1 if Pre-operative Glasgow Coma Score ≤ 14, else 0]) + (1.0534 * [1 if History of brain tumour neurosurgery YES, else 0]) + (0.00878 * Greatest size of tumour, in mm) + (0.5114...

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