The curtain draws back,

An agonizing scene begins to unfold.

A father is struggling to be stoic,

the mother’s eyes are cold.

Their child lays in the stretcher,

a veteran of many a procedure.

The bruises on her innocent skin,

a most prominent feature.

They look quite surprised,

even a bit startled to see my face.

“Don’t worry,” says my colleague,

“This is not his first case.”

“We’ve heard of your services,” says the mom,

while barely holding back her tears.

“We’re so glad you could stop by,” says the dad,

while he struggles to confront his fears.

I know my role and calling,

I’ve trained for it extensively.

I aim to help calm the soul,

and do so inexpensively.

Surgery is a very scary time,

the anxiety tends to run high.

“We have no choice to proceed,”...

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