I see you on the screen;

Thousands of miles

And the vast ocean of blue between us.

I search in despair

For your sunny radiance,

That buoyant banter of yours.

Why, Dad,

Has it suddenly gone missing?

“There’s a second wave in Delhi.”

Your words seem distant and lost,

Unable to line up suitably.

In search for order, for oxygen

Of which the city has none.

The virus rages in India, unsparing and relentless.

The system is overwhelmed,

Broken and helpless.

Your blue lips conjure a brave smile;

My trembling voice is unable to hide

Behind much-needed courage.

“I love you, Dad; thanks for everything.”

Grief, it seems, has a way

Of swallowing up words,

Of rendering speech powerless.

Flowing tears blend effortlessly with searing pain;

Together, they inconsiderately sweep everything away.

You are surrounded by love.


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