Bellevue is just a public hospital in New York City. Why write a review about a 7-yr-old, 372-page book of adventures at Bellevue?

Perhaps the fact that Bellevue has 912 acute care beds and is 14th on the list of America’s largest public hospitals justifies a look at this institution. Perhaps the fact that Bellevue has provided sustained care of all patients since opening in the early 1730s warrants its study.

Why? Because Bellevue employed innovations that were firsts for American Hospitals, including opening a maternity ward, organizing a civilian ambulance service, developing a nursing school, creating a medical photography department, crafting public health standards, and inaugurating the field of forensic medicine. Why? Because Bellevue compassionately cared for psychologically disadvantaged patients including famous figures such as O. Henry, Eugene O’Neill, Norman Mailer, and Stephen Foster and developed new treatments for them like electroconvulsive therapy. This book fleshes out the...

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