A Clinical Investigation authored by Kharasch and Jubert published in the November 1999 issue of ANESTHESIOLOGY contained errors in the text and in tables 1 and 2.At the top of the second column on page 1269, N -acetyl-S -(2,2-difluro-vinyl)-L-cysteine was misspelled; the correct spelling is:N -acetyl-S -(2,2-difluoro-vinyl)-L-cysteine. In the body and footnote of table 1, the units of measure for compound A uptake were incorrectly presented as mM and μM/kg; the correct units are mmol and μmol/kg. In table 2, the unit of measure for excretion was incorrectly presented as μM/day; the correct unit is μmol/day. The corrected tables 1 and 2appear below.