To the Editor:—

I read with interest the recent report by Guise on sub-Tenon anesthesia for cataract surgery. 1The author’s technique was to incise the fused conjunctiva and anterior tenon capsule and insert a catheter in the posterior sub-Tenon space for the injection of 4 ml of local anesthetic. However, subconjunctival hemorrhages were noted in 7% of the cases, and 4.1% of the patients required an additional facial nerve block for persistent orbicularis tone. Moreover, 0.8% required a retrobulbar top-up block.

Guise’s technique for cataract surgery seems extremely complicated, considering that several surgeons at our facility almost exclusively use a topical technique, usually with tetracaine eyedrops 2,3or a topical technique supplemented with intracameral lidocaine. 4 

I would appreciate the author’s thoughts regarding the reasons he advocates the sub-Tenon approach, rather than simple topical anesthesia.

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