The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Job after Residency. By Koushik K. Shaw, M.D. New York, The McGraw-Hill Companies, 2005. Pages: 139. Price: $19.95.

I must be getting a little slow in my old age. After finishing my first read of this good book, I found myself a little underwhelmed. A second read of the book altered my opinion 180 degrees. This short text is full of basic, essential information that is either ignored, undertaught, or taught erroneously during postgraduate training. It is a concise compilation and guide to the who, what, where, and when of the decision making that surrounds the process of search and selection for a satisfying career. This text will provoke consideration of your needs and those of your family. It provides a framework from which to evaluate your future practice, practice finances, and partners. It also establishes helpful relative timelines to accomplish your goals, as well as providing reasoning and data to assist in your selection of your future practice location. Considering how important this sort of subject matter and information is to a new graduate or other young physician, it is surprising that I have not previously seen a good single source that addresses this subject conclusively. Luckily, Dr. Shaw (The Austin Diagnostic Clinic, Austin, Texas) has recognized this niche and has provided us with a text that fills it. It is a text that informs, educates, and provides direction.

The book is well organized, is an easy read, and does not have to be entirely digested in one session. It provides a wealth of essential resource materials, Web sites, data, and helpful examples throughout. The organization, economics, and demographics of medicine are in inevitably changing over time, and it is becoming painfully obvious how poorly our training prepares us to understand the implications of practice models, finances, and location on our professional lives. This short little book goes a long way in addressing these issues in remarkably simplistic, understandable terms. It is a useful read and reference for all anesthesia residents before the venture into what seems to be a confusing myriad of opportunity.

Carlsbad Medical Center, Carlsbad, New Mexico.