Tragedy is the ultimate equalizer

In a blink of an eye life changes

For some it is trauma

For others it is simply knowledge of an unknown reality

For the fortunate, options are available

For the unfortunate. . . . well. . . only time will tell

A realization of mortality is imposed on the formerly immortal

The magnitude may differ but the principle is the same

The strong is now weak

Please . . . No more Ouch! ”

The journey of wellness begins with sorrow

From INDEPENDENT to dependent

From “Do I look fat?” to sounds of a ventilator

For the victim, unconsciousness is a mercy

For the victim's tribe unconsciousness is torture

Love drives them through the worst of times

With each second the anxiety of the unknown gnaws deeper

Desperation has planted its roots

A weed fueled by the magnitude of the situation

Options are limited and choices need to be made

Some Ouch now will prevent a lot of Ouch later ?”

For those who are lucky surgery is an option

The desire to be healed trumps the fear of the knife

Risks and benefits are simply a blur for the victims of tragedy

Running away from illness is priority one

“If you understand all these risks please sign here.”

Painless is but a sweet childhood memory

Your Ouch is our Ouch ”

The agony is felt by all those in the tribe

A reprioritization to accommodate the vulnerable is made

Love is the fuel that drives the tribe's sacrifice

Patience is being consumed with each sacrifice

Those left in support are the angels rich with endless love

A journey to wellness affects all


The maze to the temple is confusing even for the tenured

Dignity, autonomy, and free will are placed in a bag with other belongings

Naked and at the mercy of strangers

Any other encounter would not be tolerated

Laws of social order calibrated for safety

So fragile indeed

A rainbow of emotions held inside: fear, anxiety, hope

A prelude to the ultimate destiny in life

Tick. . . . tock. . . a necessary evil that encroaches on this moment

The clock reigns supreme. . . it is the Lord of the awesome shrine

We answer to the clock

We aim to please the clock

We are punished by the clock

On each wall, arm, or screen is a reminder of its power

Chop. . . chop. . . move along ”

Mercy and compassion have taken a back seat to the all mighty Dollar

Protocols eclipse purpose

A dose of Vitamin V and we are off

Down the obstacle laden corridors

Zooming along and titrating to effect. . . small talk with a purpose

The extraordinary is now ordinary

How humbling it is to have so much trust from a stranger

Then again how much choice does the stranger have

With a few breaths and a push of the potion a soul is suspended

Depending on others to breathe

Depending on others to move

Depending on others to heal

For the unaware, time is meaningless

For the enforcers of hope time is a benchmark

Can you squeeze my hand ?”

The heartbeats of Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, and Brothers

Are a constant reminder of our priceless “inventory” 

So please handle with care and compassion

After all, we are their guardians