SO it's official, the freezer has a problem. It took six weeks, multiple appliance specialists and too much testing, but they did prove

my ice cream is not cold enough.

I thaw the taciturn repairman in six seconds.

What do you do , he asks.

I'm a physician , I say.

They gave me six months to live, but I know I was being killed by the medicines .

Thirty years later, I can tell you the secret of health is supplements 

  • and energy patterns 

  • and the secret is within us – the patients 

  • and doctors are dangerous .

I wonder what specialists touched him

  • and what tests were done

  • and how much time he spent without a diagnosis.

I work to reframe the discussion, hoping his discarded drill doesn't mar the granite.

I'm not religious anymore, but the power is within to heal 

  • and the deity is within all of us 

  • and gives us that power to heal 

  • and the deity has forgotten .

Our minds make us ill, that and food coloring .

So worldviews collide.

Models of medicine clash in the kitchen.

Health care reform isn't reform, it's refinancing .

Ending education at 5th grade 

  • and legalizing marijuana and heroin will do more than 

  • this reform 

  • and euthanasia benefits us more than anatomy class .

I liked anatomy, but tonight I learned the secret. The problem is in the freezer's mind

  • and the freezer is an extension of the deity

  • and the deity has forgotten

  • about my ice cream.