Anesthesia Checklist


  • □ machines and supplies as an extension of you a connection, so you can hear your unconscious patient talk to you in ways profound and vital


  • □ the patient's identity that web of relationships, experiences earned or yearned spun with a thousand threads, some frayed, some hidden whose innermost knot is mystery


  • □ the patient's fear tethered like a beast in a nearly sealed cavern ready to rouse, frenzied and wild, especially at the call: open your eyes! 

  • □ the patient's gift, wrapped in wariness by the family yet inside nestles trust, shy at being given to you, a stranger


  • □ the surgeon, looking at you, eyes above masks, sees you and sees the nurse


  • □ the patient's wellbeing translated into the pulse of ocean waves reassuring in its relentlessness

  • □ what to do if the ocean stops


  • □ your readiness to stick, suck, squeeze, switch, screw, twist, tie, probe, poke, push, plunge, lift, click, wipe, glide, corral, inflate, deflate, placate, titrate, direct, triple check and above all, listen


  • □ yourself as a wingspread bird set to soar on thermals adjusting to the tiniest puffs even in the middle of the bright blue sky