Airway management is applied daily by most anesthesiologists. This issue contains three articles, all with editorial commentary, with new knowledge on airway management. These include a description of problems with simulators for endotracheal intubation, a randomized comparison between awake fiberoptic and awake video laryngoscopy in the setting of anticipated difficult airway, and injuries associated with laryngeal mask airways and risks for their failure:

  • Klock: Airway Simulators and Mannequins: A Case of High Infidelity? p. 1179

  • Fiadjoe and Litman: Difficult Tracheal Intubation: Looking to the Past to Determine the Future, p. 1181

  • Asai: Complications with Supraglottic Airways: Something to Worry About or Much Ado About Nothing? p. 1183

  • Schebesta et al. : Degrees of Reality: Airway Anatomy of High-fidelity Human Patient Simulators and Airway Trainers, p. 1204

  • Rosenstock et al. : Awake Fiberoptic or Awake Video Laryngoscopic Tracheal Intubation in Patients with Anticipated Difficult Airway Management: A Randomized Clinical Trial, p. 1210

  • Ramachandran et al. : Predictors and Clinical Outcomes from Failed Laryngeal Mask Airway Unique™: A Study of 15,795 Patients, p. 1217

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