In the article on page 93 of the July 2012 issue, there are three places where errors occur related to the number of twitches given:

  1. In the abstract (p. 93), the second sentence of the Methods section should read: “To reverse a deep blockade (12 or fewer posttetanic twitches), a dose of sugammadex of 4 mg/kg ideal body weight (IBW) was followed by a second dose of 2 mg/kg IBW if the TOFR was less than 0.9 after 3 min.”

  2. In the section Neuromuscular Monitoring and Sugammadex Administration Protocol (p. 94), the second sentence should read: “To confirm a deep blockade, we applied a titanic stimulus (of 50 Hz for 5 s) and counted the posttetanic twitches 3 s later; the block was considered deep if zero to 12 posttetanic twitches were detected.”

  3. In figure 1 (p. 95), text should read: “Deep Blockade (from PTC = 0 to 12 Twitches)” instead of “Deep Blockade (from PTC = 0 to 2 Twitches).”

The publisher regrets these errors.

Llauradó S, Sabaté A, Ferreres E, Camprubí I, Cabrera A. Sugammadex ideal body weight dose adjusted by level of neuromuscular blockade in laparoscopic bariatric surgery. Anesthesiology. 2012;117:93–8