SCIENTISTS would know

all or in part

Just how the end of the world

will start–

Whether by a moment of

blinding flash

So quick in it’s onset

I am already ash

Or if a discovery

finally decoded

Is summated in a cataclysm


I may have time to

raise my eyes

At the tidal waves

of falling skies

Or perhaps I would

long contemplate

The fireworks of my unchangeable


Now little child,

you arrive to me

For this week’s


Gone are your curly

locks of hair

like the fur worn on your

Teddy bear

With experience

you ask

If you can have the IV

instead of the mask

You hate to go to sleep

Each time

Won’t watch the drugs flow

through the line

And there you go–

a dreamless sleep

A time for mom and dad

to weep

The job is done

It’s time to wake

The spark returns

a moment it takes

Bored already–

it’s time to go

This: your world

is all you know

I move on to the next

Just a little unsteady

and wonder if the end

Hasn’t come already.