Remove wedding ring. Rub with alcohol.

Shake hands. More alcohol. Pick up pen. Complete pre-assessment record.

Push button for door. Open syringes. Choose sticky labels.

Draw up hypnotic. Thumb metacarpophalangeal joint complains.

Open vials. Glass shard cut to finger. Clean with alcohol – pain! Cover wound.

Put on gloves. Wheel patient into theatre. Set up monitoring.

Tap dorsum of hand. Alcohol to dryness. Insert intravenous cannula. Apply dressing.

Hold facemask. Induce anaesthesia. Thumb interphalangeal joint stressed.

One handed bag-mask ventilation. Poor seal. Strained pinkie finger.

Two person ventilation. Small hands for patient face – fingers cramping. Maintain airway.

Open mouth. Introduce laryngoscope. Insert tube.

Confirm ventilator settings. Adjust rotameters. Fiddle with machine buttons. Tap on touch screen.

Set up infusions. Fill in charts. Feel patient’s skin and pulse.

Dispose of gloves. Alcohol rub. Continue charts.

Complete charts. Wear gloves. Remove eye tapes. Apply suction. Extubate.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Remove scrubs. Further alcohol rub.

Dry hands. Weak nails. Tight skin. Sore joints.

Apply moisturizing cream. Hand massage to self. Replace cut dressing.

Put on wedding ring.