I wish I may, I wish I might

Publish an article that I write …

Original research would be nice,

A case report would also suffice.

At least some “correspondence” I beseech!

(Editorials and reviews are out of reach!)

Publish or perish says the regime-

Employee evaluations are on the line.

And so I pursue the Holy Grail:

A script on haloed editors to prevail!

An abstract, then the introduction

That’s how the tale’s begun

Methods, results, discussion, conclusion

Add references, and you are done!

Fairly simple it seemed to me…

In reality, it’s yet to be!

Of late time is often spent,

Pestering colleagues with similar bent:

Perhaps they and I could collaborate,

Publish-worthy data to collate.

Perhaps they would not really mind…

Adding yet another name- (mine!)

To the burgeoning authors list

Of their next magnificent manuscript?

I have to admit with deep regret

Wishful thinking it stays as yet…

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