1. For those undergraduates interested in the field of anesthesiology, Miller’s two-volume textbook is a must-read.

  2. For undergraduates interested in textbooks in the field, those two-volume Miller’s are a must-read of anesthesiology.

  3. For anesthesiology, volumes of undergraduates were texted and most turned to two interesting fields.

  4. When I was an undergraduate, I found two volumes of poetry out in Miller’s field.

  5. For Miller, anesthesiology was interesting.

  6. Anesthesiology does not lend itself to poetry: fourteen letters that stagger out of the airway without song.

  7. Miller read textbooks in the undergraduate field, even though interested in anesthesiology.

  8. Undergraduates were milled between the two volumes.

  9. You must read two volumes to test your interest in anesthesiology.

  10. Most volumes are better for poets, but those reading books (by Miller et al.) may be interested in the text.

  11. Under the anesthesia, I read two volumes of poetry and graduated to textbooks in the field.

  12. I think about anesthesiology, therefore I am interesting to undergraduates.

  13. Volumes of undergraduates believe intubato ergo sum, although this is not from Miller’s textbook.

  14. Interestingly, poetry is not too far afield from anesthesiology—if you can read under those graduated texts.