The Editor-in-Chief and the Mind to Mind editor are pleased to announce the winner of our second annual creative writing competition:

John Paul Davies


Davies’ work is published in this issue of Anesthesiology.

Additionally, there were eleven finalists whose writing will appear in future issues of Anesthesiology. These finalists and the titles of their poems are:

Sarah Whelchel “Primum non nocere

Donna Doyle “Morning in the Surgical Waiting Area”

Regine Cabato “My Brother’s Ghost”

John Paul Davies “Insomnis”

Bill McCabe “Judas and the Magnetic Resonance”

Mary Dowd “So Many”


E. Brooke Baker “12th trip”

Teffy Wrightson “Adverbs of the heart”

Apryl Craighead “Hyphenated”

Dorian Kotsiopoulos “In the Recovery Room    I Stand at the Bed    of My Daughter”