I saw

Streaks of blood

As you walked into hospital

Your left hand over your right

Greeted by a flock of anxious nurses.

I saw

Your emaciated figure, scarred further

By the physical harm inflicted

Upon yourself by the knife,

A careless accident.

I saw

The look in your bloodshot eyes

As you reassured everyone

Only an accident

While they bandaged your wound.

I thought I’d seen it all,

Until I realized what I didn’t see.

I didn’t see

The tears that flowed as you left the hospital

The blood that trickled out of your soul

Carving out the words “Help Me”

Seeping through my veins, slicing my emotions.

I didn’t see

The razor-sharp knife that

Not only sliced your wrists

But also slit your last lifeline

To freedom.

I didn’t see

The legs that willed the weary mind

Up dizzying heights of the twelfth floor

The pinnacle of the building,

Nadir of your life.

I didn’t see

You hurl off the ledge,

Slammed into concrete

Ending life

Painlessly for you.

But painful when

I saw

Your lifeless body wheeled into the hospital

The bandage still around your wrist

But this time

No blood would flow.