I drew in a deep breath

Knowing I’m going under

I want to hold onto something

As if climbing a mountain

And I need a ledge to grapple

To hold onto tightly

So I don’t slip or fall

All the way down

Far far away down.

Or a railing

For a long and winding narrow staircase

Up perilous broken steps in an old dilapidated abandoned haunted house.

A diver readying herself with body afloat

Head perched above the Indian Ocean for that buried mythic treasure

That breath before she plunges herself into a new world

A wet dreamy silent fin and tail-swimming world

Where waves swirl and weave, bounce and bubble

Where companions are cohorts with relatives, who have been residing on this planet

Thousands of years longer than her own

Therefore, their tiny tunes she must dance to

And follow pathways they guide

the brilliance of emerald green and indigo blue they leave behind in trails

Their marks, stamps on slippery rocks, still in formation, akin to her intention

Legacies only those perceptive and discerning will notice and remember

As the Doctor

Asks, “How do you feel?”

And I inhaled a huge gulp

As if for the first time I ever came up for air

Outside my mother’s womb.