The Editor-in-Chief and the Mind to Mind editor are pleased to announce the winner of our annual creative writing competition:

E. A. Akindele


Akindele’s work is published in this issue of Anesthesiology.

Additionally, there were eleven finalists whose writing will appear in future issues of Anesthesiology. These finalists and the titles of their poems are:

Janice Bethany  “From Room 1000”

Hannah Clarkson  “Your Hair Will Grow Back a Poppyfield”

Susan DuMond  “Surgery: The Night After”

James Gaynor  “On the Death of a Tooth”

Nisa Malli  “Lumbar Puncture”

Jennifer Nicely  “An ER Doctor Finds His Daughter in Critical Condition”

Carolyn Oliver  “Dear Dr. Park, It’s June Again”

Aliene Pylant  “Memento Mori”

Sarah Simon  “Boring Holes”

Alexis Wolfe  “This City”

Brenda Yates  “Intensive Care Psychosis”