Automated management of anesthetic depth is now entirely feasible. In this issue of Anesthesiology, Joosten et al. demonstrated that closed-loop, automated management of anesthetic, analgesic, fluid, and ventilation parameters was superior to manual control and might influence postoperative outcomes. In an accompanying Editorial, Hemmerling tell us that robotic anesthesia will soon be available and offer some ideas about how the anesthesiologist-of-the-future might interface with automated systems. Cover Illustration: S. M. Jarret, M.F.A., C.M.I.

  • Joosten et al.: Anesthetic Management Using Multiple Closed-loop Systems and Delayed Neurocognitive Recovery: A Randomized Controlled Trial, p. 253

  • Hemmerling: Robots Will Perform Anesthesia in the Near Future, p. 219