Current American Society of Anesthesiologists fasting guidelines for formula-fed infants in the periprocedural setting is 6 h, but actual gastric emptying in infants has been poorly studied. In this issue of ANESTHESIOLOGY, Lee et al. determined the time to gastric emptying in healthy neonates after formula feeding by serially evaluating the gastric antrum with ultrasound. In an accompanying editorial, Vutskits discusses the origins of the current fasting recommendations and calls for a re-evaluation of our current practice based on these new data. Cover Illustration: A. Johnson, Vivo Visuals.

  • Lee et al.: Ultrasound Evaluation of Gastric Emptying Time in Healthy Term Neonates after Formula Feeding, p. 845

  • Vutskits: Neonatal Preoperative Fasting: Time for a Change? p. 823