He firmly gripped his hands

as if

he might catch the words used

to describe what happened to his wife.

Wringing them over and over

as if

that might help him understand reality.

Poised in front of the doctors and nurses,

his eyes, like those of a gazelle

just before an ambush,

quickly moved from one to the next;

looking for certainty;

looking for answers;

looking for hope.

Bereft of his deepest desires,

his body collapsed within and he sank

into himself.

His whole life, his whole world

lay there.

He hovered over her

as if

trying to breathe life into her lifeless body.

“Just one more hug, one more embrace,

one more kiss,” he thought,

“That would make it alright again.”

Any distinction between the two was lost,

as each hand gently framed her face.


temple to temple,

his eyelids shut

with conviction

as if

to say,

Come back.