365  days this year

212  badges in, exchanging greetings with security

862  logins, accessing a patient’s chart

   19 years old

      33 previous surgeries, no problems with anesthesia

   103 years old

      0 surgeries so far

   32 weeks postconception age

      105 cc’s estimated blood volume

   74 years old

      4.2 hemoglobin, “I feel good, Doc”

   51 years old

      13.2 hemoglobin A1C

      4 surgeries starting with a toe

      1 leg now

   57 years old

      28 allergies

   61 years old

      33 prescribed medicines

212  retrievals from the scrub machine

862  “I’ll be your anesthesiologist today”

   30 seconds spent, “Doc, I know all about anesthesia, don’t tell me a thing”

   20 minutes to say goodbye

      16 loved ones each need their time

212  times pulling the green scrub shirt over my head

862  “Signing here gives me permission to give you anesthesia”

   0 fingers, his signature is better than mine

   10 fingers, hand too weak to sign consent for bladder mass surgery

212  times tying my scrub pants’ orange drawstring

862  “We keep it pretty cold in the operating room”

   76.7 BMI the stretcher is hard to push as patient is rolled in to get a gastric bypass, she’s planning for a better life

   14.9 BMI the stretcher is too easy to push for this trauma call, incision to wrists, she planned to end her life

212  times putting on my compression socks

862  “I’m going to put some monitors on you”

   29 BPM

      .2 mg glycopyrolate

   187 SVT, “Doc, sometimes I feel my heart racing”

   80 MAP, “Can you get the pressure down”

   45 MAP

      2 pressors

      .3 MAC Sevo

      6 L crystalloid in

212  masks put on

862  “I’m going to let you breathe a little oxygen before I administer the anesthesia”

   422 endotracheal tubes

   302 LMAs

   2 laryngospasms

   1 failed intubation

212  visits to pharmacy, retrieving drug box

862  “I’ll be giving you medicine now to get you off to sleep”

   2,267 vials of propofol

   18,760 cc’s propofol used

   13,783 syringes

212  scrub hats worn

862  “I will take good care of you”

   My day #132: 29 hours

         11 surgeries

         4 granola bars

         5 glasses of water

         0 hours of sleep

212  pairs of disposable shoe covers

862  “I will be by your side throughout the surgery”

   8-minute cataract

   13-hour spine fusion

   7 years old

      1 loose tooth before surgery

      0 loose teeth after surgery

      1 visit from the tooth fairy

   63 years old ruptured AAA

      7.1 pH

      8,400 cc blood loss

      3,000 cc cell saver

      12 units blood

   22 years old

      6 children at home

      10-cm dilation

   39 years old

      0 children at home

      1, 3, 4 Apgar score

861  “Your procedure is over. We will go to recovery now”

1   “I’m sorry your mother didn’t make it through”

212  times taking my compression socks off

365  days next year