James C. Eisenach, M.D., Editor

URL: http://www.anes.hmc.psu.edu/EmploymentFolder/AEAltome.html

Institution: Penn State Department of Anesthesia

Webmaster: Jeffrey M. Taekman, MD


URL: http://www.gaswork.com

Author: Dr. Martin Consulting Inc.

Webmaster: Paul D. Martin, M.D.

Finding the right job is always difficult, but imagine how, in an ideal world, the Internet could help. What if everyone who had an anesthesia vacancy could submit information about the position to one enormous database, so that anyone, anywhere in the world, could view the information, at any time, for free? Imagine being able to search for that ideal job-maybe a part-time position on the west coast or work in a cardiac center with no peds and no ob-from the comfort of one's own home. Ideally the system would include links to e-mail addresses and Web sites so one could rapidly get more information. It would even remember the type of job one wanted and would send an e-mail when something suitable was added to the database.

Drs. Taekman and Martin have both made significant steps toward setting up such a database. Dr. Taekman's Anesthesia Employment Archive claims to be the original and most current collection of anesthesia employment information. It is sponsored by Penn State Department of Anesthesia and therefore carries no advertising. It was announced on April 29, 1996 and claims to have had 109,076 visitors, with just over 1,000 new visits each week. Dr. Martin's GasWork claims to be the largest anesthesia employment resource. It is a commercial venture and has some small banner advertisements, mainly for recruiting companies. It “went live” on September 18, 1996 and claims to have had 261,214 visitors and records almost 5,000 hits per week.

Both sites work in a similar manner. Each has the option of searching, adding to, or viewing the positions available or the situations wanted. They rely on information provided by visitors to the Web site and disclaim responsibility for the accuracy of the posted information. Dr. Martin's site offers the facility to update or delete an existing posting. On this site, posts are automatically deleted after 2 weeks, and certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) posts are listed in a separate section from M.D. anesthesia positions. Dr. Taekman's site keeps listings for up to 2 months. CRNA and M.D. listings are intermixed, but the search utility allows one to get lists of only one category if desired. He also offers the option of a complete listing of the month's positions available in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format for easier printing. Because each position is printed on a new page, this creates a bulky document.

Both sites allow one to search for jobs by state and by Board Certification. Teakman's site allows more possibilities for searching (e.g., specialization, city, academic vs. private) but is less user-friendly. Having found a possible position, both sites allow one to get further information, which may include an active hypertext link to a relevant web site or e-mail address. Neither, as yet, will e-mail the user if a new entry meets his or her requirement.

Which site is bigger? Both had exactly the same number of M.D. anesthesia positions available (138), but Dr. Martin's site had substantially more CRNA positions (197 vs. 59) when checked in October 1998.

The Webmasters of both sites are to be congratulated on producing clean-looking functional sites that contain a great deal of valuable data, which are intuitive to use and which have adequate background information and assistance for those who need it. Both sites use server-side processing, so that a sophisticated Web browser is not required, and both functioned well on a variety of computers using Internet Explorer and Netscape. Neither site was ever unavailable during the testing period nor produced any error messages.

If one is looking for work or needs extra anesthesia staff, use both these sites!

The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Web site has a Jobs section as part of its Resident Component (http://www.asahq.org/asarc/jobs.html) that has links to some job sites. The ASA will also e-mail its Quarterly Placement Bulletin to ASA members on request (by e-mailing y.house@ASAhq.org).

Lippincott Williams and Wilkins Classifieds Online (http://www.wwilkins/com/classifieds/) publishes the full text of all classified employment advertisements from Anesthesia and Analgesia.

There are several other sites that list some anesthesia positions, including Hewlett Packard's Anesthesiology Village (at http://www.hp.com/go/anesthesia) and GasJobs.com. Several commercial placement services, such as Daniel & Yeager (http://daniel-yeager.com/for/anclass.shtml) and Anesthesia Services Inc. (http://www.angelfire.com/md/anesthesiologists/), also list anesthesia jobs online.

For Canadian readers, the Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society is working on an employment service for its Web site at http://www.cas.ca. There also is the Canadian Internet Anesthesia Job Registry at http://c38t.lhsc.on.ca/CanAnaes-Jobs/cananaes.htm.

With this profusion of places to look for work online, is print advertising of employment opportunities eventually going to die out? Although advertising in print is slow (e.g., classifieds submitted to Anesthesiology after the January 25 would not get published until the April edition) and expensive (e.g., classifieds in Anesthesiology cost from $75.00 for four lines to $2,495 for a full page), they have several advantages. First, not everyone has online access, whereas almost everyone has access to published journals. Second, many people would not seek out a Web site listing jobs, but they might flick through the classifieds while reading a journal and notice an interesting opportunity. Third, it is sometimes more convenient to read print than text on screen. My guess is that many journals will do the same as Anesthesiology and make their classified advertisements available both in print and online, thereby providing “added value” for their advertisers. Meanwhile there will be increasing competition from “online only” jobs listings, such as the Anesthesia Employment Archive and GasWork.com, which can provide free instant access for both employers and job seekers.

John Oyston, M.B., B.S.

Department of Anaesthesia; Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital; 170 Colborne Street West; Orillia, Ontario; Canada L3V 2Z3;oyston@oyston.com

(Accepted for publication October 13, 1998.)