A Clinical Investigation authored by De Kock et al. published in the May 1999 issue of Anesthesiology (1999; 90:1345–62) contained an error.

Throughout the manuscript, clonidine doses, which should have been expressed as [micro sign]g/kg or as [micro sign]g [middle dot] kg-1[middle dot] hr-1, were erroneously presented as mg/kg or mg [middle dot] kg-1[middle dot] hr-1. For example, in the Methods section of the abstract, the correct epidural dose of clonidine was 10 [micro sign]g/kg initially followed by an infusion of 6 [micro sign]g [middle dot] kg-1[middle dot] hr-1. Similar errors can be found in the Methods section (top of page 1355) and in the Discussion (pages 1356 and 1358).