To the Editor:—

I read with interest the report by Iseki et al. , 1who attached a string to the tip of a lighted wand (Trachlight; Laerdal Medical, Armonk, NY) and inserted this modified wand into an endotracheal tube to maneuver the tip of the tube during blind nasotracheal intubation. I suggest that an alternative method is to use the Trachlight and Endotrol tube (Mallinckrodt, Athlone, Ireland). After the inner metal stylet has been removed from the Trachlight, the wand is inserted into the Endotrol tube until the tip of the wand reaches the tip of the tube. The Endotrol tube has a wire hook with which the curve of the tube can be controlled. Therefore, a similar effect can be obtained without modifying any product.

Iseki K, Murakawa M, Tase C, Otsuki M: Use of a modified lightwand for nasal intubation (letter). ANESTHESIOLOGY 1999; 90:635