In Reply:—

Shortly after the appearance of Dr. Katz’s letter and my reply, I was contacted, first in writing and then by telephone, by Nassib Chamoun, President and CEO of Aspect Medical Systems (Natick, MA). In an extensive conversation, I reiterated the general concerns expressed in the letters, i.e. , that misleading stories in the popular media concerning awareness and the use of the BIS monitor (intentional or otherwise), as well as statements being made directly to anesthesiologists, were creating difficulties for practitioners whose only interest was trying to care for their patients. I also passed on remarks made to me by many anesthesiologists (who I did not identify), indicating a belief that Aspect Medical Systems was somehow connected with such stories. Mr. Chamoun strongly denied any such connection or intent and expressed his concern that such beliefs were damaging the relationship between the company and the anesthesia community, a relationship that he wished to preserve.

After this conversation, a revised “formal” Letter to the Editor was submitted to our office for publication. That letter is printed here.