In the Clinical Investigation by Ben-David et al. , which published in the January 2000 issue of Anesthesiology (2000; 92:6–10), a clarification is necessary.

On page 7 in the first paragraph of the Methods section, the patient groups should have read as follows:“Patient groups were as follows: group A, 4 mg glucose-free bupivacaine (Astra, Södertälje, Sweden) plus 20 μg fentanyl (the solution, from which 2 ml was used for the spinal injectate, was prepared by adding 100 μg fentanyl to 4 ml glucose-free bupivacaine, 0.5%, which then was diluted further to 10 ml with 4 ml saline); and group B, 2 ml (10 mg) glucose-free bupivacaine, 0.5%. Therefore, injectate volume for both groups was 2 ml.”