Versatility of LMA-ProSeal™  for Probe-Passage

We thank Dr. Uda for her comment and interest in our letter. We believe that Dr. Uda refers to the Hemosonic® Doppler monitor (Arrow International, Reading, PA, USA) which uses a reusable Doppler probe. To use this probe repetitively, a sterile “jacket” has to be placed over the probe. This makes it impossible to insert the probe into the LMA  port. The Hemosonic® Doppler probe cannot be used with the LMA-ProSeal ™; the single-use esophageal Deltex® (Deltex Co., Branford, CT) Doppler probe, however, can be used with both LMA  sizes (No. 4, 5). If one intends to frequently use the esophageal Doppler monitoring with the LMA-ProSeal ™, one should take into account that this is only possible with the Deltex® system.