To the Editor:—

We appreciate Dr. Hemmerling's idea that the esophageal Doppler probe can be used through the drainage port of the LMA-ProSeal ™. 1We have tried to insert a similar probe (Arrow International, Reading, PA, USA; diameter: 6.5 mm) through the port of LMA-ProSeal ™ size 5. First, we could successfully put the well-lubricated probe down into the drainage port with a slight resistance. Next, we tried to insert the probe with a condom-type disposable probe jacket for preventing infection into the lubricated drainage port. We found, however, in this case, the probe jacket did not allow the probe to pass through because of its relatively large diameter.

We are concerned that our ability to use the esophageal Doppler with the LMA-ProSeal ™ may be limited. However, the drainage port can easily be used to pass a thermometer and a stethoscope into the esophagus.

Hemmerling TM: Use of the esophageal Doppler with the LMA-ProSeal ™. A nesthesiology 2001; 95: 274