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Learn how to enhance the reach
of your research.
Now that your manuscript has been accepted, Anesthesiology encourages you to share your accepted work with the scientific community.
Not only does effective article promotion help foster discussion among readers, but it can also help enhance the reach and impact of your publication, increase citations, and build your reputation as a researcher.
Here are some guidelines on promoting your work once it has been published. Please note that all content published in Anesthesiology is embargoed until it has been published online first (publish ahead of print). Anesthesiology staff sends out communications to authors when their article is published online.
Promotional ideas:
  • Add a citation to the work in your departmental and/or institutional website or newsletter.
  • Share your work on your professional, institutional, and/or personal social media accounts and tag Anesthesiology at @ASAAnesthesiology on Facebook, @_Anesthesiology on Twitter, and @anesthesiology_journal on Instagram to have your work shared with over 75,000 social media users.
  • Include social media handles and sample promotion text during the submission process for Anesthesiology staff to use during post-publication promotion.
  • Email key colleagues and individuals that have been referenced in the article, including links to the paper, a PDF reprint, and/or supplemental content.
  • If there is an infographic, podcast, video, or visual abstract associated with your article, include that in your promotions or create individual promotions centered around each item.
  • Use supplemental content and article title boxes in your lectures and presentations.
  • Update your professional and social profiles with a link to the published article.
  • Highlight the paper at conferences and share copies with colleagues.

Promoting Your Research on Social Media
Originally presented at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2023 in San Francisco, specialists from Anesthesiology and the ASA Monitor discuss the importance of social media promotion in scholarly publishing and provide an in-depth outline on how to maximize your research’s impact on social media.
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