Dr. Eugene Sinclair has added another honor to his decades-long list of accomplishments during his service to ASA. At last August’s Board of Directors meeting, Dr. Sinclair was presented with a “Crystal Laryngoscope” in recognition for his leadership during the 2012-13 search for ASA’s chief executive officer.

Lured out of retirement for the endeavor by Jerry A. Cohen, M.D. (then ASA President), Dr. Sinclair led the nine-member Ad Hoc Committee on CEO Search, ultimately helping to select current CEO Paul Pomerantz, who commented that his onboarding process into ASA “was one of the smoothest and most seamless transitions I have ever encountered.”

Dr. Sinclair has served ASA as Vice Speaker of the House of Delegates, Speaker of the House and was president in 2005. He was the recipient of ASA’s Distinguished Service Award in 2008. In 2007, he served as ASA’s interim executive director during the Organizational Improvement Initiative.


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