The Committee on Quality Management and Depart-mental Administration (QMDA) continuously reviews all matters pertaining to quality management and departmental administration, peer-review and medical staff issues that come to its attention from all sources, including governmental agencies, third-party insurers and accrediting organizations. QMDA also serves as a source for distribution of information on these issues. Members of QMDA are available to consult with departments of anesthesiology and anesthesia organizations.

We welcome questions from ASA members. The QMDA staff liaison is Maureen Amos, M.S., ASA Director of Regulatory Quality Affairs,

Below are some of QMDA’s current active projects.

William H. Montgomery, M.D., Mark A. Singleton, M.D.

The QMDA Committee supports ASA’s formal consultation program that provides comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of anesthesiology departments and makes recommendations for improvement. These are two- to three-day onsite visits by two experienced QMDA members who document and analyze the issues...

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