Dr. Erwin Lear recently passed away after having a long and successful career as an anesthesiologist. To the “over-50” anesthesiologists, Erwin needs no introduction. To those, however, unaware of Dr. Lear’s accomplishments, I’ve rewritten my biography of his career as it appeared in the ASA NEWSLETTER In January 1998. I had just replaced Erwin as ASA NEWSLETTER Editor.

Fourteen years of service to a Society is a long time. When one considers that this service involved the direction and proofreading of a 36-page monthly magazine, words like dedication, per-severance and loyalty are used. Thus, Erwin Lear, M.D., graciously stepped down as the ASA NEWSLETTER’s 14th editor to a standing ovation of ASA delegates and a round of most-deserved back-slapping accolades.

Few may know that the ASA NEWSLETTER editorship was not Erwin’s first sojourn into the adventures of grammar...

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