Dear Dr. Huang,

Thank you for your letter and thoughts. Whether develop-ment of the Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) would slow the pace of anesthesiology practice acquisitions is an interesting question.

You are correct that in comparison to the Medical Home, the PSH is a relatively new concept. ASA began speaking with legislators about the PSH in 2007 and development of the PSH has accelerated since 2011. Currently there are a number of anesthesiology practices around the country that have started to implement part or all of the PSH model. More recently, the ASA Committee on Future Models of Anesthesia Practice is working to a) define the structure and elements of the PSH b) demonstrate that the PSH model reduces costs and improves surgical outcomes and c) develop strategies for implementation of the PSH. The PSH will be featured significantly in future issues of the ASA NEWSLETTER and at PRACTICE MANAGEMENT...

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