The mission of the Society for Neuroscience in Anesthesiology and Critical Care (SNACC) is to advance the art and science of the care of neurologically impaired patients.

In this sense, SNACC offers an enormous amount of features to help you stay updated in:

Here are some of our educational offerings on our website:

For those members interested in social media, SNACC supports LinkedIn with more than 110 active members who are currently networking. In the near future, SNACC will offer a SNACC-APP, through which each member can easily use the various high-quality contents on her/his smartphone.

Every year SNACC invites and mentors Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research scholars during the SNACC annual meeting, thereby inspiring the next generation to become involved in neuroscience or neuroanesthesia.

Led by SNACC, two important consensus statements have been published this year.

SNACC’s annual meeting takes place Thursday and Friday before the annual meeting...

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