Professional Appointments:

Tenured Professor and Chair, John L. Plewes Chair, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Oklahoma.

ASA Involvements: President-Elect (2013), First Vice President (2012); Director (2007-2011) and Alternate Director (2006-07) for Oklahoma; Chair, Committee on Professional Affairs Review (2010-11), Committee on Governmental Affairs (2006-11), Committee on Anesthesia Care Team (1999-2003); Member, Committee on Board of Directors Orientation (2011), Committee on Economics (2003-11), Ad Hoc Committee on Health Policy (2010-11), Advisory Group on Health Policy (2011); Delegation Vice Chair (2008-10), Delegation Secretary/Treasurer (2004-08) and Delegate (2005-11), Committee on Representation to the AMA; Vice Chair (2009-10), Secretary/Treasurer (2008-09), Member (2001-11), Southern Caucus.

Affiliations: President (2004), Chair of Legislative Affairs (2004-07), Oklahoma Society of Anesthesiologists; President (2012-14), President-Elect (2010-11), Secretary-Treasurer (2009-10), Member (2008-present), Society of Academic Anesthesiology Associations/Association of Academic Anesthesiology Chairs; Member, Texas Society of Anesthesiologists; Secretary (1998), Executive Committee Member...

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