Which of the following devices is most able to prevent incorrect connection of the oxygen pipeline gas supply to the anesthesia machine?

Two safety devices are present on the anesthesia machine to prevent incorrect connections of the medical gas supply:

Two kinds of fail-safe valves are used by the major manufacturers of anesthesia machines.

General Electric’s Datex/Ohmeda anesthesia machines incorporate a pressure sensor shut-off valve as the fail-safe valve. The pressure sensor shut-off valve detects decreased oxygen supply pressure and shuts off supply pressure of the nitrous oxide if oxygen supply pressure is reduced below 20 psig. It does not prevent incorrect connections for gas supplies (pipelines or tanks).

The oxygen failure protection device on North American Dräger anesthesia machines is comparable to the pressure sensor shut-off valve on the Datex/Ohmeda machines. The oxygen failure protection device senses decreased...

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