The march of progress in anesthesia is undeterred. March saw the birth of many anesthesia greats and several cardinal events, a few of whom are listed below.

French physiologist Marie Jean Pierre Flourens determined that inhalation of chloroform caused the same temporary state in ani-mals as did ether. Flourens is best known for proving that the respiratory center is in the medulla and establishing the function of the cerebellum in muscular coordination. Flourens wasable to demonstrate convincingly for the first time that the main divisions of the brain were indeed responsible for largely different functions. By removing the cerebral hemispheres, for instance, all perceptions, motricity and judgment were abolished. He was a professor at the Collège de France for many years.

On March 13, 1733, Joseph Priestley was born near Leeds. He is one of the first to isolate...

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