“You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.”

– Babe Ruth

In October 2015, ASA President Dan Cole, M.D., created and appointed ASA’s Task Force on Federal Advocacy. Task force members include Donald E. Arnold, M.D., David M. Broussard, M.D., Joseph F. Cassady, Jr., M.D., Sam L. Page, Jr., M.D., and Erin A. Sullivan, M.D.

The Task Force on Federal Advocacy reports directly to ASA’s Executive Committee and participates on monthly Executive Committee conference calls. The purpose of our task force is to assist and advise ASA’s Executive Committee on matters of federal advocacy while broadening the advocacy dialog among senior ASA members.

In this column, I will discuss the first round of recommendations submitted by our task force and accepted for implementation by Dr. Cole.

In multiple surveys, ASA members have identified “advocacy” as their most important strategic priority for our organization. Accordingly, our task force recommends...

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