ASA Committee on Communications Chair Kenneth Elmassian, D.O., wrote an article for the Lansing State Journal in February explaining the full range of care physician anesthesiologists provide and offering tips for patients having surgery. “We do a lot in the preoperative evaluation to ensure the patient remains not only comfortable, but safe, and our expertise is particularly suited for that,” said Dr. Elmassian.

An ASA study found the Medicare “opt-out” rule, which allows anesthesia to be administered without physician supervision, does not increase patient access to anesthesia care. The study was featured in Becker’s ASC Review in February as well as Outpatient Surgery and Surgical Products magazine in March.

In February, the second annual Women’s Pain Update showcased physician anesthesiologists’ role in helping people understand pain and how to seek the right specialist for treatment. O’ The Oprah Magazine...

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