As stated by Joseph Szokol, M.D., J.D., M.B.A., Chair of the Committee on Practice Management, in the November 2016 ASA Monitor:

The Committee on Practice Management is introducing a new preconference designed for, and by, anesthesia practice administrators.* The focused sessions are designed to bring topics from a 30,000-foot view to a drill-down with accom-panying tools and techniques for anesthesia practice administrators and physician/administrator teams to carry back to their practice.

Anesthesia practice administrators have participated in PRACTICE MANAGEMENT conferences since the meeting’s early years. In January 1995, the first ASA Practice Management Conference was held in Phoenix and drew 446 attendees, including a group of about 20 anesthesia practice administrators. Over the 22 years since, the conference has almost doubled in attendance. PRACTICE MANAGEMENT 2016 in San Diego was attended by more than 800 physician anesthesiologists...

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