According to a recent single-center study reporting on neuraxial anesthesia in parturients with platelet counts less than 100,000/mm3, which of the following is most likely true?

Neuraxial anesthesia is a common technique for providing labor analgesia and anesthesia for cesarean delivery. However, concerns about the risk of spinal-epidural hematoma arise when offering this option to patients who are thrombocytopenic, defined in a recent study as having a platelet count below 100,000/mm3. Inconsistency in the literature remains as to the safe lower limit for platelet count before proceeding with neuraxial anesthesia. Therefore, the investigators in this retrospective, single-institution study evaluated the rate and cause of thrombocytopenia among parturients. They also combined their data with those of previously published reports to calculate an estimate of the upper 95 percent confidence limit for the risk of neuraxial...

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