If you feel as though you’re having trouble reading the tea leaves and predicting the future of anesthesiology practice, you’re not alone. The lines of demarcation between academic practice, private practice and corporate-owned practice are blurring to the vanishing point.

Two panel discussions at ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2016 looked at this trend from different points of view. One focused on the future of the anesthesia care team, while the other examined the complex relationships between academia and the corporate world. Both panels concluded that as American health care demands and payment systems are changing, models of practice and training that diverge from tradition are the likely result.

In a standing-room-only session titled “The Future of the Anesthesia Care Team in the Era of Increased Competition,” ASA President Jeffrey Plagenhoef, M.D., led a lively discussion with John Zerwas, M.D., ASA President in 2013 and a board member of U.S. Anesthesia Partners Inc.,...

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