This series of articles conventionally presents:

1) personal success consequent to Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER) funding or 2) success of mentees who received FAER support. I was not supported by FAER, having effectively pre-dated the program. And I am honored by the successes of many mentees over the years, notably Andrea Kurz (FAER, 1991) who has published more than 150 full papers and now chairs the Department of General Anesthesia at the Cleveland Clinic. But instead of presenting examples, I will proffer some general comments about mentorship and institutional support for research. Specifically, I will discuss why mentoring is so important, the mentor-mentee relationship and departmental responsibilities.

Initiative and skill are, of course, critical determinants of success. But the quality of a mentor is nonetheless probably the single best predictor of junior faculty success in research. Especially in the current highly competitive environment, few new investigators will...

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