YES! ASA has heard us and is now committing resources to small and medium-sized groups.

Why is this?

Almost half (47 percent) of physician anesthesiologists in anesthesia-related group practices are in groups of less than 50 anesthesiologists. Thirty-two percent are in groups of less than 25 anesthesiologists.*

An anesthesia-related group practice is defined as having three or more physician anesthesiologists. Ninety-one percent of physician anesthesiologists are in group practices.

Physicians in small and medium-sized groups need a voice and some help. ASA has now recognized this and is stepping up to provide resources and assistance to our members in these groups. The grassroots response to this concept has been so well-received that we are developing a pre-conference for PRACTICE MANAGEMENT 2018: “Bigger Is Not Always Better – Survival Tools for Small and Medium-sized Groups.”

A focus group was held...

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