Physician anesthesiologists are constantly on the move. Between consultations, surgeries, post-op meetings and other events, time dedicated to education and research is compressed. ASA recognized this problem early on, and in 1969 developed SEE as a resource to help maximize physician anesthesiologists’ time. SEE, which today is still one of the most popular ASA educational programs, gathers relevant and novel peer-reviewed, scholarly articles related to anesthesia and frames the content into a useful and practical course, thus saving time while educating physician anesthesiologists on the topics that matter most to the specialty.

ASA interviewed SEE Editor-in-Chief Regina Fragneto, M.D., to better understand SEE and the meticulous curation process that makes physician anesthesiologists’ lives easier.

ASA: If someone has never used SEE before, what should he or she know about it?

Regina Fragneto, M.D.: SEE is an easy-to-use, efficient and...

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